mahina poepoe

Howz it , everyone!

 Today the 19th June, is the 6th full moon of the year.

  Mahina poepoe, or Mahina piha  is the hawaiian way of saying "full moon".

I was going to put the word  ‘aumakua for the words of the day, which means family guardian spirit existence, but just realized today’s full moon so decided to put the word, Mahina poepoe, instead. Maybe I put ‘aumakua tomorrow. its got lots of deep meaning to native Hawaiian and its history.

On the day of full moon, you have bunch of fond of numerous energy shower from the moon which you can’t see visibly instead you may feel the power and energy.

  Try to have even a minutes to sit still and feel this beautiful energy of the earth.

  Your body and conscious mind will grow and receive tons of millions of unconditional lovely power from the moon, that is , the energy from the earth.

We are all here to be celebrated. We are all here to be accepted. We are all here to be needed in any way. Just feel and let go your self to feel the planet on this beautiful day.

Love and Aloha.



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