endless, on and on,

been really hectic ,,
so much tasks coming one after another, seems it will never pau(means"finished" in Hawaiian).
basically the point is that i do what i asked for whats so ever if people needed me, i am happy to be of their help, sure, if thats something disgusting, i dont do it, but basically i do follow my bliss, that is the point, and  that, i suppose, makes me hustle and bustle situation right here.
am i be too nice? sigh…gotta go on anyway, time passes by, life goes on, there’s nothing worthless that is happening around every single day, everything has meanings in it in any ways, so? am i still be too nice? :-p

maybe the point is do i follow my joy? even things hectic, i can handle them if thats something i enjoy from the soul. i know the theory. what am i expecting for then?

talk to innerself, follow my bliss.



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